What We Are Doing


We are wintering in Florida “snow birding” as they say.  The weather has been low 70’s to mid 80’s most days, Beautiful.  So much to do and having a great time:

  • Going to Beach
  • Ringling Museum
  • 4 Mile Bridge run
  • Racquetball and swimming at the YMCA
  • Boat rental down Intercoastal waterway
  • Almond having  GREAT time
  • Disney get away
  • Flying along Gulf coast and to St. Petersburg
  • Did I mention the weather is great…. Don’t miss the cold Northeast


My niece (and Goddaughter) graduated from Rutgers University in May 2012.  She has an Animal Sciences degree in nutrition.  She wants to specialize in Equine nutrition.

Casey Graduation

The Graduate

We are Very Proud of her Accomplishments



We Found a Tree Getting Ready for Christmas – 2011

It is the holiday season and we are preparing for Christmas.  The decorations are out and we went last week to get our tree.  Of course Almond came with us and this is his firts time at a Christmas tree farm.  He ran all over the place and had a great time and even saw Santa.  We go to a local nursery Griffins and cut down a live tree. We picked the tree and then had some hot chocolate at the nursery.  When we got home we put the lights on and finished the decorations.    Here are some pictures of the day….

 Donna finding a tree with Almond           Finding a tree with Almond

With Santa

Rich and Almond with Santa

Donna and Almond with Santa


 Visit to 9/11 Memorial – NYC

WTC Footprint with waterfall

In October we went to NYC with Audrey and Travis to see the 9/11 memorial.  You need tickets to get in and have a specific time to view the memorial.  They have done an outstanding job of preserving the space and providing an on-going tribute to those who lost their lives on that day.  We were all deeply moved by the visit.

South Steet Seaport with Brooklyn Bridge

Afterwards we walked to South Street Seaport.  Later we went to Columbia University to see Travis’s dorm room.  Then it was to Harlem and dinner at Sylvia’s a famous restaurant.



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