I Have a Passion to Fly

My name is Rich but my flying friends call me “Ace“.

That’s because I love to Fly. 

Before a Flight


Flying The New York Corridor

Last week I flew my brother along the New York Hudson River corridor.  It is by far one of the most complex airspaces on the east coast.  To get an idea, above you is class B which is for the “big boys” from Newark, JFK and La Guardia.  Below you is the flight seeing helicopters from NYC.  There is only a 300 foot high corridor you must maintain.  In addition there are six mandatory reporting points, so traffic knows where you are.  Despite all this it is a spectacular flight and with adequate planning worth it.
You start by passing over the Verrazano bridge, then past the Statue of Liberty,Freedom Tower, Entrepide, Gorge washington Bridge and all the way to the Tappen Zee Bridge.  Then turn around and come back.  Fantastic
New York Skyline
You can see the Empire State Building
 The Status of Liberty
Pilots call her “The Lady” 
Crossing the Verrazano Bridge
I started the NYC Marathon on the Staten Island side of the bridge


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