Service Dog

We went to Disney for Donna’s B-Day and stayed at Hilton Tuscany Grand Vacation.  It is a time share and very nice place.  The cost was only $50 a night, but we had to attend a 90 minute timeshare presentation, to get a free night stay at Hampton Inn.  We of course said no when the presentation was done.  When we signed up they said they allowed dogs to stay, In January the policy changed to only service dogs.  So Almond became a service dog.  We got him a vest and he wears his uniform with pride.  He pranced around the hotel as if he owned it.  I was worried that he might be uncovered from his “incognito” outfit, but all worked out.  Travis and Meagan visited Almond and he was happy to see them.


Welcome Almond

Almond joined our family the week of Hurricane Irene.     We adopted him from a family in Long Island.  Almond came by ferry from NY to CT to meet us.  We first saw him in the back seat of his car looking adorable.  I think it was love at first sight.

That day we drove him to his new home in NJ.  Of course he was nervous and confused.  Almond quickly bonded with me (Donna), and later with Rich.  He is truly a great dog and we are blessed.

Today he is at Cape Cod with us and having a great summer.  So far, he has been to an outdoor concert, a baseball game, the pond, bay and ocean.  He’s not too fond of water, but we are working with him.   Rich keeps trying to get him in the water by bribing him with treats.  he’s pretty smart though, and will resist.  We finally put a Ruff ruff on him (life preserver), and off he went.  But, it’s still a work in progress. I told rich not to push him, I’m just glad that he goes in the water to cool off.

We had some visitors a few weeks ago to the cape.  Rich’s mom Betty and Ed came to visit for a long weekend.  We had a nice time with them and lots of gin and tonics at happy hour!!! thanks Mom and Ed for the g & ts!!!!  Of course, Almond loved their company, and ran up the stairs every day to greet them, and also hang out with them at bedtime.  He really loves people (more than dogs!)..

Almond also enjoyed time spent at our friends’ house, the Guizzos.  They have a dog named Becky who Almond met for the first time. What a meeting! They both sort of sniffed around each other, then ignored each other.  Oh well! we tried! Almond rather spend his time under the table in the kitchen with the “real people.”

Becky is swimming more this year, and Almond was just wading in with her.

We are home in NJ for a week. Almond seems restless and sort of down. I know he too misses the salt air and soft breezes of Cape Cod.  Hang on Almond, we’re going back on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


From Almond:

Well, it’s been a while since I updated this.  We had some visitors here this week for one night.  Jack and his friend Jake.  I really enjoyed running up and down the stairs to see them, and help get them settled in!

Our friend Allyson was supposed to come this weekend, but cancelled. I’ve met her before and she is a great petter.  Too bad she isn’t coming.


Yesterday, I took a walk on the beach with mom and dad.  It was nice, but I kept running away from the cold ocean water.  too many big waves, and lots of that white foam stuff.  I rather not go in the water, but dad keeps trying to get me in.  I know I’m disappointing him, so I try just a little…………… I rather just lay on the couch, bed or chair with him.

Today it’s raining, so I am just chilling inside,  going from room to room. maybe later we’ll go for a walk when it clears up.



On his first night he started bonding with Donna.

Donna is happy Almond joined us….